Florida is topographically flat and made of sandy soil, which makes most of the coastline nice, sandy beach. Many of the nicest real estate options in the state come with private beach access of their own.

If weather and beaches are not enough to make Florida an attractive place to live, the social activities should. There is plenty to do in the state and something that will entertain anybody. Nature lovers can explore the Everglades and the Gulf of Mexico, to begin with.

There are museums, zoos, famous theme parks, and other fun places to explore. Historical sites include Spanish forts and even Ernest Hemmingway's house. For those who love to party, some of the most famous party places such as Miami and Key West are in the state.

The state a property is in is one of the factors that make a high-end home but it is not everything. The finer points of location are important as well.

The neighborhood of a high-end real estate is part of what makes the quality. The other homes in the area should be in the same level of luxury. The natural aspects of the area, such as the beach will add to the value.

The home itself, of course, is most of the rest of what counts. Size is the key feature but it is not enough to simply be big. It is important that a property is big in the right places. A key symbol of luxury is high ceilings. Big rooms that are tall give a feeling of grandeur.

Lighting is important for such big rooms and natural light is nicer than electrical lights. That makes windows important. Luxury homes will have accessories such as picture windows for the views or skylights for maximizing natural light all day long. A unique architectural design adds a significant amount of luxury value to a home.

The accessories in a home also contribute to it being high end. Having the best in home appliances. Having laundry at home is crucial. A big modern kitchen with the extras such as an island, a walk-in refrigerator, dishwasher, and even a wine cellar.

A home gym adds to the luxury. Bathrooms are important and a luxury home should have at leas three and a half with one attached directly to the master bedroom. Tubs with jets and showers with special fixtures enhance how high-end a home is.

The outside is just as important as the inside. a high-end real estate location should have a nicely manicured lawn with skillfully placed decorative plants with a great sprinkler system to keep them vibrant. Looks are not everything, there are a number of functional outdoor features that luxury must have.

A pool and hot tub are crucial features and the fancier they are the better. Nice layouts often include a small waterfall between the hot tub and pool. Heated water in the pool makes night and winter swimming much more comfortable. There should, of course, be a fully stocked outdoor kitchen and bar to compliment the occasion feed guests during pool parties.