Home to roughly 1.5 million residents, drawing in nearly $5 billion in commerce by visitors, and is responsible for around 1/5th of sugar production, Palm Beach County has many areas full of luxury homes and high end shops, that draws in wealthy individuals from around the USA and worldwide.

Along with many custom built extravagant properties. Palm Beach county is also home to many colleges such as Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach State College, and Palm Beach Atlantic University. The South Florida Fairgrounds also has residence in Palm Beach County, and is home to many events and business opportunities alike.

With a variety of businesses that thrive in Palm Beach county, it serves as a great opportunity for the transfer or starting of businesses to be able to market to the variety of demographics. There are plenty of opportunities that exist in Palm Beach County. As the influx of businesses and opportunities expand, Palm Beach county has broad appeal.

There are always many things to do in Palm Beach County. Several theaters, parks, recreation, museums, and event centers give a variety of topics and interests to be enjoyed and acted upon.

The West Palm Beach International Airport is the main passenger airport, where a variety of smaller regional and/or private airfields are present throughout the county to ensure that travel is convenient and safe to even the most exclusive travelers. Airports such as North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport, and Lantana Airport, ensure this privacy and exclusivity to the high-profile individuals.